Types of animal and vegetable protein.

Are there any types of animal vegetable protein and female protein supplements that are good to take after surgery?

What if you’re recovering from surgery at the hospital? What if you’re physically weak and tired?
What if your immune system is weak and you don’t have energy, so your wound doesn’t recover well?
At times like this, most of the meals are recommended, which is a high-protein, low-carb diet.
Hospitals also recommend high-protein meals, especially for patients recovering after surgery, and meals consistently contain protein!
However, no one knows and takes purotin in detail, so I’ll distinguish some kinds and good things to eat today.

What does protein mean?

As you know, it is a very important substance that is included in the five major nutrients and three major nutrients needed for our body.
The basic base of our body’s bones, muscles, skin, and hair consists of this protein.
In particular, as you get older, your muscle mass decreases and your bones weaken, so you have to eat it more often.

What role does protein play in our body?

▶ Growth and physique.
▶ Enzyme and hormone production.
▶ Maintaining body fluids and maintaining electrolyte balance
▶ Maintain acid-base balance
▶ Generating energy
▶ Carrying nutrients and other substances from the body
▶ Need to coagulate blood
▶ Formation of components such as skin, muscles, tendons, bones, and various organs.

What happens to our bodies if we lack a lot of protein?

If you spend a long time short of intake, you can easily catch a cold due to abnormal protein levels in plasma over the years, lose weight or weaken immunity, and easily develop headaches, anemia, edema, fatigue, fever, liver, kidney, and hemorrhagic diseases.

In addition, it is said that what should be kept in mind can lead to less elasticity of the skin, thinner hair, and hair loss and depression.

Then, you can refer to the daily intake and type I wrote below, and I will tell you about foods with high protein content that is good for recovery after surgery.

Protein that is good for women and men to eat after surgery.

1. Soybean.

Soybean (yellow beans) contains 36g per 100g, rat-eyed beans 39g, and in addition, it is said to be excellent in quality because it is rich in essential amino acids such as as asorucine, lucine, phenylaranine, Treonnie and valan.

If you are a patient after surgery, it would be nice to put bean tofu as a side dish at meals.

2. Milk. 초유단백질

It contains 3.2g per 100ml of milk, and is rich in all three amino acids, valin, lucine, and isorucine, which are needed to build muscles, and has high absorption rates. However, make sure to take calcium nutritional supplements together because calcium is removed from the bones.

3. Chicken breast.

It contains 35g per 100g and has little fat and carbohydrates, so it is a must-have food when exercising or dieting.

4. Eggs.

It contains about 7g per piece, is rich in “leucine,” a kind of amino acid, and has the advantage of having better digestion rate than any other food.

5. Beef.

It contains 21g per 100g and contains a lot of essential amino acids, but the high content of saturated fatty acids poses a risk of obesity or various metabolic syndrome.

As we wrap up.

I wrote down animal, vegetable, protein types, and foods that are good to eat after surgery, but rather than eating unconditionally because it is good for recovery and health, the most important thing is recommended to eat per day, so please know that you eat animal vegetable protein evenly every meal.

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