Rumors related to Apple’s first iPhone flip and foldable phones.

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Rumors related to Apple’s first iPhone flip and foldable phones seem to be coming out one by one.

Let’s Go Digital, a famous overseas IT newsletter, posted a quite impressive rendering image, so I shared it with you like this. Apparently, thanks to the explosive popularity of Samsung’s jet flip and jetfold series, Apple is finally entering the foldable phone market.

I saw the iPhone 14 rendering image without a notch, but when I saw the iPhone flip rendering image, the notch.

What we can see from this is that we can expect a reasonable suspicion (?) that Apple will increase user satisfaction by increasing the recognition rate, not eliminating the function of Face ID.

In my case, when the second generation of the iPhone se was released in May 2020, there were two things I was most pleased with, one with a size that fits in one hand and the other with a home button.

These days, when the face ID recognition rate is rising due to masks, some people are waiting to change to fingerprint recognition even considering safety, but this rendering image shows that there is little possibility.

One of the best parts of Samsung’s Jet Flip 3 was that it didn’t show up in bad camera shape, but just looking at the picture alone, it still shows bad shape on the iPhone Flip foldable phone.

However, since the rear camera lenses are integrated into one, not separate, such as the iPhone 11 Pro, 12 Pro, and 13 Pro series, it can be seen as a good thing on the premise that repair costs can be lowered because only one egg is incurred when damaged.

Rumors have circulated that the iPhone Flip will be released in 2022, but now it will be released after 2023, not 2022.

It seems more likely to be released more carefully because it wants to apply better durability and special glass than Samsung’s Jet Flip 3 and has to reduce wrinkles. According to Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, chip maker Foxconn is conducting various tests with iPhone Flip.

Looking at this alone, I think it’s a very useful part of how advanced Samsung’s jet flip and fold series is.

If the release of the iPhone Flip and Fold series is after 2023, it will probably compete with Samsung’s second-generation products, which will be possible to compete with Samsung’s second-generation users who have already received feedback from first-generation users, but it is still expected because Apple.

The iPhone flip colors are red, white, silver (dark gray), and gold, and I think it will probably be released in a more attractive color different from a much wider variety of colors and rendering images at the time of launch.

First of all, there is news that several Chinese smartphone manufacturing brands will also release foldable phones in 2022.

It would be nice to wait and see if Samsung’s dominance in the foldable phone market will continue.

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