What is dry eye syndrome?

What is dry eye syndrome?

**It’s a disease caused by a lack of tears or excessive evaporation of tears**

In other words, there is a problem with the function of tears that act as a lubricant that moistens the eyes. If you lack tears or have an abnormality in the tear layer, the tears dry easily and feel dry in your eyes.

What’s Dry eye syndrome.

Dry eye syndrome usually occurs when **tears are insufficient, tears are excessively dried due to abnormalities in the tear layer, or tears are reduced with age.

In addition, environmental factors such as changes in the weather, increased exposure time to lighting and computers, and decreased blinking are considered representative causes.

Diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic conjunctivitis, eye examination, thyroid disease, various skin diseases, facial nerve paralysis, or excessive abuse of eye drops can also cause dry eye syndrome. Other factors include LASIK surgery, female hormone reduction, chronic fatigue, stress, and hormonal changes caused by nutritional imbalance.

Dry eye syndrome. What’s the main symptom?

**Blind dry and stiff symptoms** are typical.

It also complains of symptoms of dullness, irritation, foreign body sensation, fever, itching, and secretion of mucus substances such as threads.

In addition, you may feel sore and cold in your eyes, congestion in your eyes, and discomfort of feeling sensitive to wind or smoke. Reflections on irritation may lead to more tears to appear.

Most of these symptoms appear in the afternoon and outside dry rather than indoors. It is characterized by prolonged reading, computer work, wearing lenses, and watching TV. The main symptom of dry eye syndrome is sudden severe tears when exposed to cigarette smoke, cloudy indoor air, or cold winter winds.

Dry eye syndrome. How to prevent it.

Dry eye syndrome is not a disease that can be cured with one or two treatments. Severe vision damage is rare, but constant management is essential because it is a chronic disease. In addition, when symptoms improve, symptoms often recur due to neglect to take medication.

Therefore, **prevention through lifestyle improvement is more important than medication for dry eyes**.

Please check the following precautions and practice them steadily in your daily life.

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