The difference between wine, beer, and whiskey.

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Wine, beer, and whiskey.

As we’ve been talking about alcohol, we’ve mentioned the differences in wine, beer, and whiskey (distilled liquor) manufacturing methods little by little, but I don’t think we’ve talked about them together, so let’s compare the differences in one post.

It goes through fermentation and distillation to make alcohol, but the manufacturing process is quite different, so it’s hard to see whisky distillation at a brewery or beer and wine making together.

Basically, alcohol (ethanol) is made from sugar.

When sugar comes into contact with yeast in the air or commercially available yeast, the yeast eats up sugar and releases ethanol and carbon dioxide.

This mixture of ethanol and water becomes the alcohol we drink.

The type of alcohol depends on how you make and concentrate sugar, which is the food of the yeast.

How to make wine.

In the case of wine, the fermentation process is simple.

If the ripe grapes are filled with sugar, they will be exposed to yeast in the air and ferment naturally.

To make it simpler, if you crush and store grapes, they will ferment.

So archaeologically, it is presumed that mankind was the first to enjoy wine.

In the case of apples, pears, and strawberries, you can get alcohol through the same process.

It’s mashed, saved, and just waiting.

For reference, fermented apple liquor is called Cider, and in Korea, carbonated drinks such as Chilsung Cider and Seven-Up, but in Europe, if you order Sprite, you can find alcohol with a level of 4 to 5 degrees Celsius.

This is a bad example of the introduction of Japanese English incorrectly.

How to make beer.

Beer is made from grains, not fruits.
It is usually made of germinated barley, but corn, rice, and wheat are also used.

The main ingredient of wheat or barley is carbohydrates.

The process of converting this carbohydrate into sugar is necessary, and the grain is ground and mixed with hot water to make malt juice.

After a few hours, sugar is discharged.

If the grain used in this malt juice is filtered separately and fermented, beer is made.

How to make distilled liquor.

Alcohol-rich alcohol is made through additional processes in wine or beer production methods.

This is because yeast can survive only up to 15 degrees alcohol content.

This additional process is distillation.

Distillation methods are to use different boiling temperatures of water and alcohol.

Alcohol boils at 73 degrees and water boils at 100 degrees.

The distilled liquor is made from water droplets obtained by filling the water vapor (containing alcohol) generated by heating wine solution or malt juice in a distiller.

The taste and aroma vary depending on the type of fruit used in grains or wine solutions used as ingredients for malt juice.

After distillation like this, the alcohol content rises much higher than 15 degrees.

Distillation liquor manufacturing is more complicated and requires heating, so it is difficult and dangerous to do at home.

Still, some people try it with permission from their own homes.

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