7 best ways to maintain good eyesight and eye health.

**1. Refrain from eating sugar.**

Sugar nibbles on calcium that keeps your eyes healthy.

If you lack calcium, you lose vitamins from your optic nerve.

Eye aging is promoted and myopia occurs.

**2. You often look far away.**

When you look at a long distance with your eyes closed,

Studies have shown that fatigue recovery is more than twice as fast.

Looking far away also prevents the eyes from becoming stiff.

**3. Be careful with the use of eye drops.**

Eye drops contain preservatives. If you use them for a long time,

Conjunctivitis can occur.

If you use eye drops with steroids for a long time,

The intraocular pressure increases and the optic nerve shrinks.

Immunity may be reduced.

**4. Drink silt tea, persimmon leaf tea, raspberry tea, etc. instead of water.**

There are a lot of polyphenol compounds in the conjunctiva.

It prevents fat from accumulating in your eyes.

Raspberry tea and persimmon leaf tea are rich in vitamin C.

It prevents aging and relieves dry eye symptoms.

**5. Enjoying green and yellow vegetables makes your eyes younger.**

Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, and others are good for your eyes.

It is rich in nutrients, especially green and yellow vegetables.

I’m going to mix 3 colors of green and yellow vegetables every day by day.

Mixing and eating greatly helps prevent eye aging.

**6. Consciously blinks often.**

If you blink often, tears come out.

It makes your eyes moist. It relieves eye fatigue.

It slows the aging process.

**7. Massage to improve your eyes**

Right behind the earlobes, the lower part of the bone and the center of the neck.

From where the baby hairs are (the width of the thumb),

Put your middle and index fingers up a bit.

Rub it with your middle finger as if drawing a circle.

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