Antique Tattoos – The Origin of Antique Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings

An anonymous Japanese tattoo artist painted 타투도안 dozens of tattoo designs on silk pages of a small book, and the book was later prized by an Arkansas farmer and amateur tattooer. The book has now been recreated as an antique tattoo book called Floating West, and represents a unique piece of tattoo history. This article…

Back Tattoos – What Are Some Cool Designs For a Back Tattoo?

A back tattoos are not something that a lot of people ask for. The area is filled with sensitive 낙서타투 nerves and bone lying directly under the skin. It also contains sensitive areas like the rib cage and shoulder blades. Your tattoo artist will have to take into account your pain tolerance before they can perform this procedure. In addition, people don’t generally ask for large back tattoos.