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Where was it named “Cocktail”?

There are many stories about this that come down like legends. First of all, the British sailor’s official anchored in Mexico is interesting. When I entered the bar, a boy mixed alcohol and made it for me, and I asked what it was because it was so delicious. However, the boy thought he was asking about the stick he was mixing alcohol with, so he replied, “Cora Degallo.” Koradegajo!

What a great name for alcohol. The British sailor widely volunteered to serve as a goodwill ambassador, calling the drink Koradegajo. Coradegazo is “Tail of Cock” in English, that is, it was the tail of a chicken.

There is also a story of a man who proposes to the daughter of the owner who runs the bar. He proposed a dice game to ask a prospective craftsman for permission to marry him.

He lost hard to the bar owner and tried to bring up the proposal the moment he felt better. The problem is that he wins contrary to his intention, and the bar owner loses. From the standpoint of the bar owner, there were bitter moments when it became confusing whether this was a prospective son-in-law or a gambler.

The moment the bar owner threw the dice again, the rooster suddenly cried loudly. After that, the situation was reversed. Eventually, the bar owner succeeded in reversing the situation, and the defeated man was granted permission to propose.

It is said that the daughter stirred the alcohol she was going to drink with the tail feathers of the grateful rooster she cried earlier.

(American literature, which was the first to be mentioned in cocktails, but none of them is correct)

There are different opinions on who named the cocktail, perhaps because it was made out of alcohol. It is almost a new spring literary art under the theme of chicken, tail, and alcohol and love.

It is likely that the mix drink made in New Orleans was named Coquetier in French, so it became a cocktail, but it was eliminated because it was not fun. Drinking is more fun than facts.
Ice and carbonation.
What I brought to cocktail.

(Fairy of Fire) No, cocktail master Jerry Thomas)

The history of cocktails is considered to be over 200 years, but in fact, mankind has been mixing alcohol for a long time. Punch, the original cocktail, is a popular liquor in England in the 17th century. The punch, which symbolizes “5” in India, is made to mean that it contains five flavors (materials).

What are some important things for cocktails to become popular? It is likely that there will be distilled spirits, ice, and carbonated water that suddenly poured out.

First of all, as strong alcoholic beverages such as gin, rum, vodka, and whiskey poured out, the expiration date disappeared and it became better to make. In addition, after the invention of the ice maker, it was possible to make ice without waiting.

In the case of carbonated water, a certain conversion was given to the cocktail.

This is because when British soldiers in India were given carbonated water containing medicinal herbs to prevent malaria (it was not delicious), soldiers mixed it with wine gin and tonic.

There is a person who has established a type of cocktail such as folk remedies. He is a legendary bartender named Jerry Thomas. He made cocktails while working across the United States and Europe. His main specialty is Blue Blazer, which is said to have been a cocktail with a strong performance that uses fire.

He established cocktail recipes and names in 1862 by publishing a book called Bartender’s Guide on how to mix beverages. It’s almost like Donguibogam in the drinking world.
The golden age of cocktails was with the era of abstinence from drinking.

(The Great Gatsby was made in the era of abstinence from drinking)

The country that rapidly develops cocktails was the United States.

However, the Volstead Act, which bans more than 0.5% alcohol in the 1920s, is in danger of breaking the reputation of all alcohols. However, neither the law could stop drinking. Legendary cocktails such as Martini and Manhattan were made at this time.

Why did cocktails develop? It contains the circumstances of bar owners who have become unable to provide proper alcohol service due to the prohibition of alcohol. They are said to have made cocktails to make poor-quality alcohol a little more delicious.

In addition, bar owners who should not be caught selling alcohol due to the prohibition of alcohol removed the signboards and changed the location of the bar from the first and second floors to the basement. The pub made like that is Speak Easy bar. Even now, this tradition remains, so the cocktail bar turns into a dark atmosphere like underground or underground.

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